Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

It’s more important than ever that organisations, from all industry sectors, consider and manage their impact on our environment.

Shaw Integrated Management Systems will work with your organisation at all levels to understand the context of your organisation and your interested parties, and how you mutually impact on our environment.

We will help you develop and implement a robust Environmental Management System, following the principles of ISO14001:2015 and your business requirements, enabling you to demonstrate your commitment to our environment and the future of our wonderful planet.

As with all our management systems, we offer a full assessment and audit service, maintaining your Environmental Management System, your commitment to the environment, and compliance to standards and legislation.

What We Do For You

We will work with you and your workforce, at your premises, to gain a full understanding of your organisation, your products, services and your processes, and your requirements. This will help us to understand the context of your organisation and who your interested parties are, and how they impact on your organisation and its influence on the environment.

From this, we can help you determine the scope of your Environmental Management System and how to plan to achieve a robust system, including how you intend to manage, lead and communicate the system internally and externally. We can help by implementing a risk based methodology, identifying potential risks, assessing and grading them, and designing a risk treatment plan, taking into account the environmental aspects of your activities and how you plan to act upon them.

We will work with you to determine your Environmental policy and your Environmental objectives, including any legal requirements.

During the planning process of your Environmental Management System, we will look at your processes and procedures, and at the people given the responsibilities and authorities for specific tasks, taking into account training, awareness and competence.

Once we have a working Environmental Management System in place for you, we will then work with you to maintain it through audit plans, management reviews, and continual checks on legal requirements for your industry sector, working with suppliers, the environment agency and other government departments, as necessary.